The Case for Modularity in Test Systems From NPI to Mass Production Test

Engineers face numerous challenges when it comes to designing and manufacturing automated test systems. From the requirements they must balance when testing for new product introduction (NPI) to entirely different requirements when testing for mass production, to products and platforms evolving over time or becoming obsolete, the potential pitfalls, delays and opportunity costs are numerous. However, there are ways to ensure test systems provide the flexibility, reliability, scalability, and risk mitigation you need to meet these varied requirements.

Get our white paper to learn:

  • Essential considerations when creating test systems for new products
  • How to bridge the gap between design and test engineers
  • Ways to get your testing up and running quickly
  • Processes to quickly adapt a test system to design changes
  • Important criteria for test systems when moving to high-volume testing
  • Best practices to minimize errors at every point in the testing process


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