Papierloze recorder

Geplaatst op 13 maart 2010 om 17:08 uur
Papierloze recorder
Goedkope 6.4” recorder met vrij configureerbare digitale of analoge in- en uitgangen.
Power : 90-250vAC, 47-63Hz, 60VA, 30W maximum (other available on request)

IO : 6 slots, maximum 18 channels, card configurable.

Sample rate : less than 200ms for all channels

Display : 6.4" TFT LCD, 640x480 pixel resolution, 256 colors

Memory : 8Mb on boards & 128Mb CF card

Communication : Ethernet RJ-45 (modbus TCP/IP, 10 base T)

Software : Observer I, basic configuration and historical viewer, optional Observer II RT

Operating Temperature : 5 to 50degC

Mounting : back panel mounting or bench top

Dimensions : 166mm(W) X 144mm(H) X 147mm(D)


IO cards:

Analog in : 1,2 or 3 channels, selectable 2/3 wire RTD, TC, mV, V and mA. Resolution 18bits

Analog voltage out : 3 channels, 0-5v, 1-5v or 0-10v. Resolution 15bits

Analog current out : 3 channels, 4-20mA or 0-20mA. Resolution 15bits

Digital in : 6 ports, logic high 2-5v

Digital out : 6 ports, relay 240vAC/5A

Comm : RS-232 (1 unit), RS485 or RS-422 (modbus RTU mode, 300-38400 baud)