Call for papers RailTech Europe Conference 2019

09 oktober 2018 om 15:12 uur -

Call for papers RailTech Europe Conference 2019

The call for papers has opened for the international RailTech Europe Conference 2019 that will take place on 26, 27 and 28 March in Utrecht. Abstracts can be submitted untill the 15th of November.

The topics of the three day conference are ERTMS, Sustainability and Energy Saving in Rail and Predictive Maintenance. The topics of the second day have already been filled in.

The organisation is looking to answer some of the following questions:



  • How can we accelerate the roll-out of ERTMS in Europe?
  • What happens after the installation?
  • How can the costs of the implementation be reduced?
  • What are the latest communication technologies? And which ones should be applied on which certain railways?
  • What are the best practices so far with the implementation of ERTMS?
  • What are successful brown field implementations?


Predictive Maintenance

  • Some of these topics will be addresses:
  • How can asset management lower the infrastructure maintenance costs?
  • How can digital developments improve the performance of rail?
  • What can rail learn from other industries in predictive maintenance?
  • How can trains be made smarter?
  • What has to be done to increase the availability of the track and/or trains?
  • The papers will be reveived by the members of the advisory board.

Submit a paper
Go to the RailTech Europe Conference on the conference website


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