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Webinar: 5G and the Future of Business

Datum: 10 maart 2021


Tijd: 14-15u

Webina: 5G and the Future of Business

A peek into the 5G revolution and what this technology brings to our lives.


14:00 Introduction by 5G Hub Eindhoven Ambassador Senna Kloosterman, Ericsson
Senna is part of the core team of the 5G Hub where she focuses on driving the adoption of 5G as an enabler for digital transformation and activator for the ecosystem.

14:15 Jos Feijen, Director Effenaar
Jos is an expert in strategic consultancy on branding and product & services concepts. Effenaar is one of the major music venues in the Netherlands. In his vision, Effenaar is not only a place to enjoy live music performances (on- and offline) but also a playground for developing, testing, and experiencing young technology applications.

14:30 Tim Treurniet, Designer of intelligent systems at Studio diip, Pegamento B.V. & Roy Smits, Manager ICT, PSV Eindhoven
Tim has a degree in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. He develops software, and creates UI/UX elements, as well as visualizations such as concept videos, animations and 3D models. Pegamento is a specialist in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Roy is responsible for the ICT of PSV including the Stadium, training ground infrastructure, application and data usage of the club. One of his projects consists in exploring the possibilities that the 5G technology can bring to PSV.

14:45 Wrap up Q&A


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