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Altium Essentials

Datum: 16 april 2018 t/m 18 april 2018

Locatie: Markelo (NL)

Tijd: 08.30am - 04.30pm


With the Altium Designer Essentials Training you will go through an initial training programme for Altium's Schematic and PCB capabilities. No prior knowledge of Altium Designer is necessary to take part. 

On completion of the training you will possess a clear understanding about the structure and methods of Altium Designer. You will have learned how to use the different resources and functions that Altium Designer offers, so that you can work quickly and efficiently with the tool. For the different modules of the training, we provide exercises that allow you to put into practice the information you have learnt. 
  • Learn and understand the Altium Design Environment
  • The workflow for PCB projects and the PCB documents
  • Create a schematic design and run design checks (ERC)
  • Communication from schematic to PCB
  • Configuring and defining PCB Objects
  • PCB design, routing und checks
  • Component management
  • Creation of exports and production files
  • Version control with SVN and Altium

The Altium Essentials Training is a complete basic training course for new users. We offer additional trainings with advanced topics for the schematic, PCB, simulation etc. For more information please contact your local Altium representative. 

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